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Supporting Projects Worldwide.

Today, we have grown from trading fertilizers to a whole new level of advanced products, morphing with the times to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.

Our trading activities are divided into areas, namely:

  • Petroleum and petrochemical products including oil and gas and accessories;
  • Aviation, technology and electronic equipment and devices;
  • Law enforcement technologies including tactical surveillance, homeland security and protective equipment;
  • industrial solution for leaks and emergency repairs.

SMSB was founded on the core business of fertilizer trading and will remain in our corporate DNA. While we are expanding our core business, trading will always remain as a key business for us.

  • Petrol & Chemical Product;
  • Lubricant & Engine Oil;
  • Defend Equipment;
  • Supply Chain Transformation;
  • Inventory/Stock Optimization;
  • Supply & Demand Planning.